Download: Think Twice Hercules/Jasmine (feat. Ariel Aladdin & Hades)

By highgreenbunny


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Please check out the remake of this video:
One of my first vids that a lot of people seemed to like, except YT!

I had to censor it because it apparently offended someone. Oh nos! But fear not! It is still pretty good.


Herc sees Jas and Al during their magic carpet ride and instantly falls for her. He visits Hades and trades his soul to become a big shot so Jasmine would notice him. She does but it's not enough to turn her away from Aladdin.

One night Herc sneaks into the palace to tell Jasmine some news but sees that Aladdin is there. The two are all lovey and this makes Herc mad cause of what he saw that morning which was Aladdin cheating on Jasmine with some redheaded broad (Ariel). But what really gets him angry is that Aladdin seems to be happy because he is getting away with it.

Herc returns to Hades and tells him to get rid of Aladdin and his new squeeze at all cost. This excites Hades and he grants Herc's wish by killing them both. Herc feel like he should be the one to break the news to Jasmine. After comforting her she seems to start taking a shine to Hercules (He's a rebound but doesn't care.) Her goes to Hades and tells him the exciting news and feels content until Hades mentions payment for offing the couple. Herc doesn't understand he already sold him his soul. Before things got too deep Hades tells him to go enjoy his new life.

One night Jasmine and Herc are spending time together and Hades shows up for his payment and Jasmine finds out that the payment is her. When Herc tries to stop him hades throws a bar bell at him...

I'll let you decide if he lives or dies.... =D