Download: OpenCL unbiased Path tracing - Sponza - AMD Radeon 7970

By antzrhere


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Apologies for the ugly splodges, YouTube doesn't cope well with random noise generated by PT and makes it look a lot uglier than it truthfully is.

Just a quick 30 second recording of my WIP OpenCL based Unbiased GPU path tracer.
Rendering in real time on a single AMD Radeon 7970.
1280x720 resolution, 7-12fps
Apologies, I haven't really played about with the materials at all, pretty much stock, and I've yet to convert bump maps from this scene.

Still much to do (and optimise) but this is what's currently working:
Unidirectional unbiased path tracing with support for direct light sampling
Individual static, dynamic and light BVHs
Transparent, diffuse & specular unbiased surface rendering (with varying degrees of specular smoothness to emulate microfacets to perfectly reflective surfaces)
Customisable lens for real DOF
Refraction and Fresnel effects
Bump Mapping
Texture mapping with alpha support
Russian roulette handling of paths with customisable diffuse, specular and transparent path limiting

Things still to add:
Instancing for dynamic objects
Subsurface scattering
Bloom and tone mapping
Edge/material aware diffuse and specular bilateral filtering to reduce noise