Download: (PATCHED, SEE DESCRIPTION) Injustice Mobile on Android (glitch): Multipacks and cheap packs

By bdckr gaming


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Update: This glitch has been patched and is no longer working.

For the latest working glitches, check out the newest videos on the playlist here:

The latest version of the flip technique (working as of 11/8/2015) is here:

The lock/unlock technique (works on more devices) is here:


Since so many commenters were having problems with our two most recent glitch videos, we're posting a follow-up much sooner than usual to address the questions.

We've also modified the technique, and put the two glitches into context so that you can have a better understanding of how they're related, and what to expect. We've also gone into more detail about what to look out for and what different things appearing on your screen indicate. And we've refined it so that it's possible to get more than one of the expensive pack (for the same cost of the cheap pack) -- we demonstrate getting 3 Most Wanted Packs for the cost of a little more than a bronze.

A few critical points to keep in mind:

1) If you can't use the flip technique to get multi-packs, you CANNOT do the second glitch

2) Do not hit "confirm" unless you can perform this consistently. As demonstrated in the video, even if you cancel, you will still get indicators as to whether your technique is good.

3) We do not know if it will work on your device. We only know that it works on ours. If you are unsure, the best way is to test it. Just don't hit "confirm" until you know that it works. If you never hit "confirm", it has cost you nothing but time. It works on our Cubot S168 running 4.4. It does NOT work on LG Optimus G running 4.1.2

4) This is Android-specific. We have no way of testing on iOS.

5) For either glitch to work, you need to have a small number of credits. Barely enough to buy the cheapest pack you are working on ONCE. If you have too many credits, you will just be spending them. The key to this glitch is that you get extra packs that you CANNOT afford. If you can afford them, nothing special happens, and you just spend your credits.

If you're not sure, watch this video ( to confirm that your settings allow replies to your comment.

And for those curious about the original video demonstrating how to buy an expensive pack for the price of a bronze, we've delisted it (so people don't find it first when they're searching for this) but should be accessible through this link: It works, but is just much harder to do.