Download: Dark Souls Plot Summary: The Tits are a Lie (spoilers)

By EpicNameBro


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The oft-requested Dark Souls story overview. Contains speculation based on items, dialogues, interviews, etc. Take it or leave it! Before I forget: @EpicNameBro on twitter.

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This is a semi-chronological overview of the story of Dark Souls as I see it. I only made this video due to the floods of requests that were sent in for it. It's extremely difficult to just summarize the plot and the world in a nice little chronological package... due partially to the way the narrative is relayed and partly due to the whole "distorted time" aspect.

There is speculation in this video. It is based off of item descriptions, dialogues, interviews, etc. etc. etc. I've got so many different pieces of info from so many different places at this point that I can't even list them all. I know people like to have the descriptions in the video, but it just isn't feasible for me anymore. I already gave up a weekend to make this! If you are curious where one particular piece of info came from, just ask. Be specific with your request, and I'll do my best to hook you up.

tldw; Everything sucks and we're all gonna die... and on top of that the tits are a lie!


The Black Knights
"The point about the knights is confusing because they were burned twice; once by the demons, and once by the flame at the kiln. The Black Knight Shield described the battle with the the demons, which charred them black, and the Black Knight Armor describes the incident at the kiln, where they were burned to ash. "

We know about him mostly from his equipment's descriptions. One additional note from the Design Works- he was MIyazaki's favorite design, so he was given his heretical personality. Gotta love those guys at Fromsoft... "I like this design. Let's make this guy a cannibal and not let him be a knight."