Download: The Fastest Acoustic Spectrum Analyzer on AVR M8 - new V2 !

By Manekinen


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Najszybszy analizator widma akustycznego avr atmega8

Acoustic spectrum analyzer for HD44780 display. This is version 2 of this device, version 1 you can find here:
Changes made scince version 1:
- added 5pin connector to small keyboard

- you can change backlight brightness of LCD (PWM on OC2 output), included software brightness regulation for VFD's

- change sensivity

- choice display effect: poles, bars, ovals, ladders, or lines

- options are autosaved to the eeprom memory

- added jumper (solder pads under uC) to select the prescaler for adc, if your avr is not displaying higher band due to too hign overclock of adc (solder it to lower the adc clock)

- added jumper to select if you using a VFD display - device instead of controlling PWM, will be sending special data command for brightness changing.

- PCB's for both 2*8 and 16*1 connectors displays, typical 2*16 chars display board dimensions

- optimized code for faster work

Device is compatible backward and vice versa, so you don't need to make new PCB. See schematic, just solder one NPN transistor and one resistor for backlight, and attach wires to keyboard - see schematic.

On this moment device support following displays: 16*2, 20*2, 24*2, and 20*4 LCD's and VFD's. If you have one which this device not support, please contact me and i will try to adapt code for it - it's not that hard, but i need you to test it, so i don't make codes for displays that i can't test.

Source code, other files, and a detailed english description are on project site: