Download: All Gold Bricks in New York (The Overworld) - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

By AFGuidesHD


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This is a guide on how to get all Gold Bricks in New York (Excluding Central Park and SHIELD Helicarrier) in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Played on PC for the PS3,xbox 360,Wii U,PS4,Xbox one and PC.

Welp, this is a big 'un. Here's a vid i squashed 5 hours of gameplay down into 3, anyway a few notes to make; if you see a sudden jump then thats my lame editing i just cut out really long video of me failing whatever it is, i have also sped up some parts for time (mostly where you need to take the follower to whoever it is you're taking them to or races).

Particular nuisances:

03:36 - Green House at X Mansion
1:04:17 - Dig hole at 3 Apartment blocks in Yorkville (i lost the trail here like 20 times)
1:25:33 - RC Car race on rooftop (By god who the hell programmed the controls)
2:12:14 - Shovel underground (went round in circles until i found the entrance)
2:22:52 - Telekinesis on Boyfriend to climb up Empire State Building (fell off, what, 100 times)

Some Things require Ant Man to complete -

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes playlist :-