Download: 八大巨星 (2001)【接财神】吉祥如意财神到 (高清中国DVD版)

By XinNianGe


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Simplified: 吉祥如意财神到
Traditional: 吉祥如意財神到
Song melody number: 4

The famous 八大巨星 (8 Superstars) recorded this album, 接财神 (Welcome the God of Wealth), in 2001. Members and participants of this group change each year. The album was first produced by WTE and then released by WTE and 金碟豹. Each version is unique, for they have various differences.

The songs in 吉祥如意财神到 (Good Luck as the God of Wealth Arrives) are:
01. 挂彩灯 (Hanging Lantern)
02. 招财进宝 (Good Fortune)
03. 天下共欢喜迎春 (From the Heavens, We All Happily Welcome the Spring)
04. 欢迎财神齐来到 (Happily Welcoming the God of Wealth as Everyone Arrives), which is also known as 十大财神齐上门 and 新的一年又来到.

Members of the 8 Superstars in 2001 were:
- 罗宾 Robin Luo (Luo Bin)
- 谢采妘 Michelle Hsieh (Xie Chai Yun)

- 罗时丰 Daniel Luo (Luo Shi Feng)
- 郭美君 Guo Mei Jun

- 关德辉 Guan De Hui
- 刘怡君 Liu Yi Jun

- 夏日风采姐妹 The Summer Wind Sisters (Xia Ri Feng Cai Jie Mei)