Download: How to Buy the Best Small Cultivator or Tiller With Confidence Look at What This Rotary Hoe Can Do

By Garden King


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In this video I am going to demonstrate to you the capabilities of this rotary hoe. It is the GT44 model available from Allied imports.
It's not particularly designed for this purpose, but I just wanted to show what this small tiller can actually do and how easy it is to use.
These machines are known by different names such as: cultivators, tillers, rotary tiller and rotavator.
They were not designed to dig a trench, however I thought I'd try it. I had to install some drainage in my back yard, and I don't like digging. So, I decided to give this tiller a go and see how it performed.
The rotary hoe performed way better than I had imagined.
It saved me a lot of digging by hand, because I don't like it. I just had to shovel out the loose dirt. I don't like that either, but it's still a lot easier than digging.
These units are designed for tilling garden beds, but once I started using this cultivator, I could see just how capable it was.
The engine is a 52cc single cylinder 2 stroke. The fuel mix is 25 to 1. There is very little maintenance required.
At just under 2HP, in fact it's 1.9HP @ 7000 RPM, you can see how consistent this unit breaks the ground, even under load.
The rotary hoe blades are four 6 blade cutters that are made of high quality steel which provides a longer product life.
The total weight of this unit is only 16.5kg. So, anybody can use it with ease.
As you can see, it's digging this trench quite well. I've dug this complete trench with this unit.
I've done a run through with the rotary hoe and then simply shovelled out the loose dirt. Then I repeated the process.
The unit is very easy to start. One pull and off it goes. When you want to stop the unit, there is a red push button located on the handle bars next to the left hand grip. You simply push the button down to stop the engine.
As you can see it is starting to dig into the soil quite well.
You can see here that it is starting to jump around a bit. That's because there are some rocks underneath there. And because this tiller is small, we can't expect it is going to dig out large rocks. What I've done is moved on from the rock. The tiller has loosened up the soil around the rock and all I need to do then is go back to the rock with a shovel and dig it up.
It is digging down further and further. The tilling depth in the specifications sheet is 90mm, obviously we are going deeper than that. You can see the wheels on the rear of the unit. The height of the rotary hoe wheels can be adjusted to alter the tilling depth and to keep the tiller level.
The cutting width is 250mm.
Going back to the area with the rocks you can see that these rocks are a reasonable size, especially when you are a small rotary hoe.
These rocks become easy to dig up and you can see that I am not putting a lot of effort into digging this soil.
I've dug a little further and found this rock that the tiller was bouncing on earlier. You can see the marks on the surface. The quality blades did not bend as a result of hitting these rocks.
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