Download: Trash Pack Series 7 JUNK GERMS Best Trashies Ever 5 &12 Pack Unboxing Toy Review

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The Trash Pack series 7 are Junk Germs. This popular gross garbage toy has clear test tube's and beakers which makes it very different to the previous Trashies series. The collectable Limited Edition Trash Pack's are Super Snot. Ultra Rare Trashies are the X-Ray transparent germs and the Special Edition in series 7 are the Cold N Flu color change Trashies. The general filthy themes are Germ Works, Household Germs, Pet Germs, Sports Germs, Vicious and Vicious Virus. Personally I feel this is one of the best The Trash Pack series so far. Can these toys trash the toy kingdom and go to series 8, 9 &10.

Trash Pack Series 6 Rotten Surprise Eggs 5 &12 Pack Unboxing FIRST REVIEW ON YOUTUBE

The Trash Pack toys are perfect for boys and girls, they are collectable and if you have full sets with the very special Limited Edition Trashies the toy collection can be worth some serious cash. Those who were into this toy back in series 1 will know thats a very sort after series of classic Trash Pack toys.

Best thing about The Trash pack is they are cheap toys, perfect for birthday party presents, special toy treats and serious collecting. The Trash Pack gang did have a special series just before series 6, they are the Gross Ghosts Trashies which can be quite difficult to find. Another offshoot is the UFT Trashies and Trash Wheels. There are Trash Pack playsets, trucks, books, collecting cards, stickers, lunch boxes, water bottles, computer games..basically everything is being trashed. Who would have ever dreamed a toy based on garbage would go so far. Well done to the Trash Pack Team.

Series 1 Trash Packs has Green Round Rubbish Bins
Series 2 Trash Packs has Orange Round Rubbish Bins
Series 3 Trash Packs has Blue Round Rubbish Bins
Series 4 Trash Packs has Red Square Rubbish Bins
Series 5 Trash Packs has Yellow Round Toilets
Series 6 Trash Packs has Purple Surprise Eggs
Series 7 Trash Packs has Test Tubes & Beakers
Special Edition Mystery Series Gross Ghost Trash Pack has Light Blue Rubbish Bins

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