Download: WFF Founder Calls Durianrider A Cooked Food Addict

By Happy Healthy Vegan


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Ryan responds to Michael Arnstein's recent interview video in which Michael, the founder of the Woodstock Fruit Festival, accuses Harley and Freelee of being "food addicts." From the excerpted interview clip, Mike seems to be saying that anyone who willingly eats a Raw Till 4 diet, rather than a 100% raw diet, is addicted to cooked food! Wow!

This claim is important because it raises several key questions. Should all who eat a plant based diet aspire to eat a 100% fully raw diet? Does willingly eating steamed rice or potatoes make one an addict or a bad person?

We feel that such accusations of food addiction against Raw Till 4 style eaters are baseless -- especially in light of the research done by Dr. John McDougall, T. Colin Campbell PhD etc -- and only serve to cause a greater divide that need be. Rather, people like Mike would be better served by not negatively focusing on such minute differences and instead appreciate the nearly identical diets and lifestyles that the two camps share. We are all high carb low fat vegans that eat a ton of fruits and veggies.

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