Download: 【MMD】 90 Subscriber Video! 【Tons of model links!】

By animeroarr


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No-one is reading the comments or annotation on the video OTL
I'm NOT replacing any links.
Stop asking for passwords and stop saying links are broken, okay?

This was gonna be my 100 sub video but i couldn't wait XD I probably could've done tons more links but i didn't want the video to get too boring '-_- Haku rolled over into the last instrumental part but thats just because Haku is awesome XD
I will not put any of them on mediafire, the models that are were already on mediafire or a alternative link was given by the author because loda was/is on maintenance. Because loda was/is on maintenance some links may not work
Here they are XD (not in order)

Yuki Kaai- (bottom zip file)

Chibi Swimsuit Miku- (second last zip)

Haku Model- (00004)

Tall Remilia-

Tall Flandre-

Teto Model- Pass- bakuteto

Kio Kaito-

Kio Luka-

Sora Models-

Kuro Kagami-

Kokonoe Rin-

Ritsu Summer Clothes & Normal Ritsu- Pass- 73

Piron Meiko & Piron Luka (Meiko Cosplay)-

Piron Meiko & Luka (Pretty Cure)-

Miku Yamato-

C'Rin (now with C'Len)- it's the one with C'Mell in the name

Gothic Teto- Pass- Tg33ng

Meiko Nagala-


Sora Amaha Act 2- Http://

Tso2pmd Neko Girls-

Various Chibi Miku's-

Maki Models- Pass- maki

Gothic Miku- Pass- N01gm

Kimono Lat Miku-

17 Year Old Rin (includes 18 Miku & Different Age Len Models)-

Haru Akine Models- Alternate link-

Kaito & Meiko- (817zip)

Wife Haku-

Wetsuit Meiko- Http://

Wetsuit Miku- Http://

Wetsuit Luka- Http:// Pass- mmd

Masisi Luka (and other models)-

Chen, Mokou & other models-

Hiyori, Eiichi-

Lat Miku- ~ mmdaccessory/uploader2/src/

Extra Links & Groups of Models

Idolmaster bunny & swimwear etc-

Anomaro Models-

Shaghai & Penglai Dolls etc-

Physic Kaito-


3D custom Cirno-

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