Download: Dragon Ball Heroes M.U.G.E.N (Hi-Res) PC Game (with Download)

By ristar87


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DragonBall Heroes M.U.G.E.N v2 (Hi-Res) by RistaR87

If you want to play the game on Full Screen press Alt+Enter


Dragon Ball Heroes is a Japanese arcade game. It uses a card based system but instead of buttons the player need to move the cards on the game board. This is a M.U.G.E.N version of the game with 125 characters and 70 stages.

I fixed some characters and now they all work on 1.0 version of MUGEN :)
Many of the chars are my edits. I balanced them, added new english voices and new sprites, palettes and portraits for some of them. Specially for this game, I made 3 bonus chars: Saibamen Invasion and Cell Jr. Invasion (edits of KOF bonus by SUGIO e Kain the supreme) and Destroy Robots (edit of Duck Hunt by Phantom.of.the.Server)

SPECIAL MOVES - Important! Must Read!

Don't ask me for Special Moves and Combos!

-You can find the Special Moves for some chars in their folders in 'Readme.txt' or 'Movelist.txt'
-If you don't. This could be helpful:
Energy Charge and transformations are usually two buttons pressed together (A+Q, A+S or S+W). It's rarely a single button.
Special Moves can be usually done when you have enough of energy and press
'Down, Forward + Some Button', 'Down, Backward + Some Button',
'Down,Forward,Down,Forward + Some Button' or 'Down,Backward,Down,Backward + Some Button'
and also 'Down,Backward,Forward + Some Button' or 'Down,Forward,Backward + Some Button'.

The best way to learn Special Moves is to go to TRAINING mode and practice.


Special Thanks to my friend Mugencreater for showing me how to add video to ScreenPack, and I would also like to thank aloRZ1 for making this video that helped me a lot:

-Special Thanks to:
FRS GAMES, DGZ, Team OS, MugenMundo, Chrono Strife, Neocide, Pextin, Goten88, Sawady, Szowel, LegendTTA, Mephistopheles, Juanga, Necromancer, SaWWeN, D-GENERACIONZ Team, Bardock, Alien San, OZ, ItzGameman, Warner, Havoc, TeamSpoon, DBZPD, Ryon, Toad, Redneck, Cyanide, JABI, Julian_Sk, EmuBoarding, FlowaGirl, Kurihan, Cypher, Zerberus Dante, Wasaby, JoJosport40, GZ- TEAM, GohanSSM2, Mugenfan2005, Dizzy, Roken, SSj3 Vejita, Saikyo, Marcus, ZGTE, geriDOS, ynvaser, Macilento, Cappero, Squall, vanquish3000, The Disciple x, OverMind, CHOUJIN, Ssonic, Benhazard, Dude, zero liger, nahue77, LoneWolf, YLS, UG, Guerreros Z Team, Ippo, Tapion, CLIFF-A, Emiliano_01, gabe555, Ryudo, hermoduro, Jailuis, Merufimu, Heartbreaker, Wenchu, EGC, BroliDos, Teh Goku Squad, Team Bbz Sb, Victor, Facudf Taringa, b-gg19, Tomo, Team SB, Gangsti, GokuSSJ5, Team Spirit Z, Dark King, Neo, Maj, Dragos and FinalBlast
for all the awesome characters :D
...and also Special Thanks to all creators of the magnificent stages I used.
Oh, and thanks to all the artist like metamine10, maffo1989, hsvhrt, tekilazo, 2d75deviantart, emiyansaiyan, bejitsu, raykugen, trunken200, boscha196, vicdbz, chrisemerald, drozdoo and cdzdbzgoku who drew those wonderful pictures I used for portraits :)

Dragon Ball Heroes - Promotional Song
Dragon Ball Kai - Premonition of a Grand Adventure
Dragon Ball Kai - Dragon Soul Orchestra Version

Please download, play, comment and rate! ^_^

See the full Dragon Ball Heroes Promotional Video here:

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