Download: Hydrogen Oxygen separated electrolysis unit

By Mike Powers


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This video is of a brute force electrolysis device that makes Hydrogen on one side and Oxygen on the other. Its energized by an AC adaptor that is putting out 7.5vdc and 700ma, both the anode and cathode have 2 connection points.
On the inside there are two stainless steel plates with a gap of 3/16 -- and a plastic separator plate that has a hole cut in it that is just a little smaller than the stainless steel plates. The hole in the separator plate is covered with a multi-layer fine weave nylon membrane in order to allow free flowing electricity between the anode & cathode while blocking hydrogen / oxygen transference from one side of the cell to the other. The electrolyte is distilled water mixed with baking soda.
I figure the gas output is about 1/16th liter a minute, but I havent worked out the Lpm yet.
The reason for both sides being able to ignite when I stuck a lighter to the gas that was bubbling up is - I had switched polarity of the anode and cathode right before I filmed, so all of the hydrogen hadnt gotten out of the oxygen side, and vise versa.
The last part of this video is of two of my dry cell designed hydroxy/HHO/Browns Gas- electrolyzers. You can see the separated H&O electrolysis device sitting on the table before its completion.
The music in the background is one of my songs. Its called -420 doorways.