Download: PREPAR3D v3.0: High Speed Performance Test [1080P 60 FPS]

By WillsB3


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Following on from my PREPAR3D v2.5 Performance Test video (See here: here's a similar (but not identical) test run with P3D v3. The main thing that's changed since the last video that I've upgraded to a 980Ti, so performance isn't directly compatible.

I've had V3 installed for a few weeks now and have been manually installing some of my addons just to evaluate performance and compatibility. This install is only intended to remain until the first P3D Patch at which point I'll re-image my sim machine again and install everything using official v3 compatible installers.

For now, hopefully this video can show what a leap V3 is in terms of performance.

Still using Reshade with PFPX shaderpack here, although might experiment with Reshade + MasterEffect in the near future. I noticed from some primitive testing that having ReShade enabled with the shaders I'm using (just Tonemap and Lift Gamma Gain) incurs around a 10% GPU load increase while P3D's build in HDR incurs much less (around 3-5% for me).

Greg from the PREPAR3D Users Group on Facebook found that there appears to be a bug with V3 in that the shaders aren't automatically rebuilt if you change certain graphics settings. This leads to performance which to me feels similar to what I was getting in 2.X. If you delete the shaders after changing any of the affected graphics settings you'll likely see an incredible boost in smoothness and framerate.

Here's a link to the post on Facebook for those who are members of the group:

Here's the relevant part of Greg's post reproduced with permission for those who are not yet a member of the P3D Users Group:

I've been throughly testing P3D V3 performance on my machine this morning after noticing inconsistent performance with the new Carenado F406 Caravan II yesterday and appear to have stumbled on a miraculous way to boost your FPS massively.

Here is what I discovered... It turns out that if you adjust any of the core graphics settings (FXAA, MSAA, Anistrophic Filtering) and DO NOT delete all files in your shaders folder (/Users/yourname/AppData/Local/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D v3/shaders) you will not achieve the full performance your machine is actually capable of. P3D does NOT rebuild your shaders after you make a change to any of these settings.You can confirm this by looking at the timestamps of the shader files. It still uses the shaders it built the first time it created them - which will not run at optimal performance with your new settings!

If you make a change to any of these settings you should delete ALL files in your shaders folder and force the sim to rebuild them on the next flight

Many thanks to Greg for finding and sharing this incredible tidbit of information that appears to have transformed my sim.

Graphics settings can be seen at the start of the video, and the only config tweak I'm running is FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 as I was with the 2.X video.

I'm also testing Nvidia DSR which I could never get to be smooth with my old 770 GPU, apologies that ShadowPlay didn't capture this in the native DSR resolution, probably a configuration mistake on my part...

Please excuse the flying, I don't know how to fly the M2000 yet, just been messing around with it. However I wanted a high speed addon aircraft to run this test with to push scenery loading to the limit.

Addons featured in this video
FTX Central set to Global (Hybrid mode unchecked) which may explain some of the slightly strange scenery I've been seeing. Should probably have had Hybrid ticked as I have both FTX England and Wales installed.

Orbx FTX England
Orbx FTX Wales
Orbx FTX Global
Orbx FTX OpenLC Europe
Orbx FTX Trees HD
PILOTS GSGlobal 2010 FTX

Metal2Mesh Mirage 2000

Active Sky Next
REX 4 Texture Direct
REX Soft Clouds
Sky Textures for ENB

EZDok (1.18 beta 4) with TrackIR


Main System Specs:

Cosmos 2 Chasis
Corsair AX860 Modular PSU
Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC
Intel Core i7 4770K (@4.4GHz)
16GB Corsair 1866Mhz Memory
Gigabyte GTX980Ti G1 Gaming 6GB
Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium
1x 256GB Samsung Evo SSD (Windows 7 + PREPAR3D).
1x 256GB Samsung 840 SSD (Windows 8 + All non-PREPAR3D software).


TrackIR 5
Samsung S23A700 Monitor
Corsair K70
Logitech G9
Elgato Game Capture HD (Not used in this recording)