Download: Epic Win Compilation - Part 27

By Seeker Land


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Why are nukes an Epic Win? Read why below the credits in this description.
Song: “Taken on a Hallows Eve” by Dhruva Aliman
Video Clips from the following, IN ORDER--
"When Mama Isn't Home" original video. Freaks (Timmy Trumpet & Savage) - Dad and Toby
Interesting sculpture in NYC (Park Ave.)
Get Hit By a Taxi Crossing Park Avenue [ Rafael Barrios Optical Illusion Sculpture ]
Spinning Chocolate Joy HD
Phillip Island Chocolate Factory
Mind blowing chocolate display
Tow Truck Vs Chinese Lady Very Funny *Original source Unknown
Human Transformer - NOLATron
Tarus 2 x 2 the bike with all-wheel drive 2014
Man Base Jumps From Foggy Mountain
Creating glass horse the old fashioned way - Francisco Lopez
Old Man Knocks Down Boxer
Snakes on a cab!
500 Smith_Wesson tree fail. 10_11_14
LIL AMOK - AirFlare With FireWorks 2014 (Don´t try this at Home)
Dubai New Year Fireworks 2014 - World Record 4K
Desert Rock Nuclear Tests 1951-1957 US Army Soldiers Observe Atomic Bomb Blasts
Nuclear Bomb Explosion Incredible
Tsar Bomba, largest thermonuclear hydrogen bomb ever tested
Marine Survives Sniper Headshot By Inches In Afghanistan

Q: Why are nukes an Epic Win?

A: It's a counter-intuitive win. Over 50 Million people died in WW2. Would the Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor if they knew they would get nuked? The fire bombing of Tokyo which was NOT nuclear, was MORE devastating and deadly than Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Plus, the bombs saved many POWs of the Japanese and spared thousands of lives if the Americans had to take the Islands one by one. Also, the Japanese were preparing to hit California with weaponized plague (the already killed almost a half million Chinese with germ warfare), they were producing jet fighters that were superior to the the U.S. air force, and they getting dirty nuclear bomb material from German subs that were intercepted.
Because of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) conventional wars that kill tens of millions will no longer happen to nations that have the bomb, that is a win for humanity.
As long as extremists don't get the bomb, humanity is better off with them. Plus, the human ability to split the atom is nothing to sneeze at. It's not like rubbing two sticks together.