Download: Undead Nightmare: Chupacabra & Unicorn Guide/Location

By DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun


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KEEP ANNOTATIONS ON! watch that to find out how I did that with the horses if you don't know and would like to and how I got the deeds for them.!!!!!!!
The unicorn can be caught again if you change horses or it dies, just go back to Diez Coronas and run about until it reappears.

After attaining level 4 undead hunter rank, the Chupacabra can be found:
In the fields northwest of Torquemada. When zoomed out on the game map, the area will have a picture of three horses.
North of Las Hermanas.
Southeast of Perdido.
South of Casa Madrugada, or north of Chuparosa near the river (Between Rio del Toro and Frontera Bridge).
South of Chuparosa town, right outside.
Southeast of Barranca.
West of Barranca.
Southeast of Las Hermanas, west of Sepulcro.
Southeast of Tesoro Azul near the main road.
West of Tesoro Azul.
On the plains outside of El Presidio above Casa Madrugada.
Sidewinder Gulch, just under "Gulch".
South of Alta Cabeza between the rock formations.
Mesa del Sol next to the rock formation with the fat and skinny pillars.
North of Perdido (Ramita de la Baya).
South of Sepulcro, just west of where the road curves to go east.
In the fields in Diez Coronas.
At the very end of the road leading into Brittlebrush Trawl.
Southeast of Ojo del Diablo on the trail leading to Tesoro Azul.
Northeast of Sepulcro and South East of Agave Viejo.
Front of Casa Madrugada, left of the "M" of Mesa de la Luna.
East of Rancho Polvo (Far south of Sepulcro).
North of Diez Coronas (Above the d of Presidio when zoomed out on game map).
Near Plata Grande
South of Manteca Falls

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