Download: My Pet Arduino Copies Morse Code to an LCD Display Module

By Budd Churchward


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Audio from a lap top computer sending Morse Code is fed into an Arduino Uno that decodes tones and prints characters on an 20x4 LCD display. The sketch adjusts itself to the speed of the code, missing a letter or two when it changes. Although there are many simple products and programs out there that will do the same thing. This project was about the journey, not the destination. I taught myself how to program the Arduino. I came up with an algorithm that would decode Morse characters. When I got my LCD display I was too anxious to try it out to write my own software for it so I used a published library, but the challenge was handling 'Word Wrap' on the display and scrolling text when the bottom line filled up. The biggest hurdle for me was figuring out how to sample audio, I'm not an electronic engineer. My next challenge is to filter the tones, because when I take code off of the radio, the background noise confuses My Pet Arduino. He can copy code as fast as 80 wpm (with frequent errors, but readable) when the signal is crisp and clear coming from the computer's audio. Actual Ham Radio signals aren't as easy. I have copied enough to get call signs, names and QTH ... but I have a ways to go.