Download: Sonic Unleashed (ps3): Storyline Glitches (Part 2)

By DarkspinesSonic


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This is a video from me, DarkspinesSonic A.K.A Da1AndOnlySonic, showing some more storyline glitches in the Playstation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. In this video, the glitches being shown relates to the part of the story where you have just finished restoring the first piece of the planet, and are to report back to professor pickle in Spagonia. The first part of the video, up to where Werehog stands on the entrance to the night stage of Spagonia, shows what you are supposed to do. The second half shows the breakage of events.

You see, by switching to night, the cutscene with Amy Rose is suppose to initiate. However, by making it to the entrance stage, switching to night there, and completing the level, you skip that cutscene as well as having to report to Professor Pickle. That's not all though, from that point on, as long as you refrain from being in Spagonia at night time, the cutscene will never show until you do. You can complete the entire game, then return to Spagonia at night, and that cutscene will show up. Pretty hilarious when you think about, going through the whole adventure only for Amy to not realize you are Sonic when you return to Spagonia at night.

The other glitch displayed is after the cutscene with Amy and Professor Pickle. By pressing the PS button on your controller to bring up the menu, the game will pause prior to having your conversation with Tails. By waiting until day, you can actually move around with Tails still there, as well as it being day time. If you choose to return to the world map, you will get a long term glitch that affects you for the entirety of that save data. The glitch is that every time you choose to continue your game save from the main menu, you will be directed to Spagonia at night time automatically. Enjoy!^_^

P.S. - Yes, the load times were edited out to reduce size and length of video.