Download: Darth Maul FX Lightsabers Comparison/Review - MRFX, HFX, and UFX

By DarthSid1138


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Brightness, sound, operating, and appearance comparisons of the following Darth Maul FX Lightsabers:

2006 Master Replicas Darth Maul Double-Bladed Force-FX Lightsaber (SW-214SE) Signature Edition Double-pack
2010 Hasbro Signature Series Darth Maul Force-FX Lightsaber with Removable Blade x 2
2012 Hasbro Ultimate FX Darth Maul Double-Bladed Lightsaber 2-pack

Master Replicas 2006 Darth Maul Force-FX (MRFX): Sound volume about the same as the HFX; Sound quality is slightly better than HFX, only one clash sound effect; much better than UFX; heavier weight, heavier grade metal hilt than HFX; not as bright as the HFX; a tad brighter than the UFX; possible use of a thicker wall poly-c blade could be contributing to the brightness issue. Blade is not removable. (overall score 4 out of 5)

Hasbro 2010 Removable Blade Darth Maul Force-FX (HFX): Sound volume about the same as MRFX; Sound quality is slightly less than MRFX but still very good; more clash sound effects than MRFX, removable blade feature allows for more versatility, including "desert warrior" Tatooine-style action; lighter than the MRFX; lighter hilt finish than MRFX; lighter weight overall; notably brighter than MRFX and UFX possible due to thinner wall clear poly-c blade or maybe more current to LEDs; essentially identical to the MRFX with exception of the hilt finish. (Overall score 5 out of 5)

2012 Hasbro Ultimate FX Darth Maul (UFX): Inferior to Force-FX; 99.9% plastic assembly; reduced sound volume and quality; has multiple clash effect sounds like the HFX; "Flicker-on-Clash" effect where blade flickers on and off with clashing; shorter 24" blades actually make it easier to wield than the Force-FX in close quarters -- maybe better for costuming/cos-play? More affordable for less-discerning collectors who simply want something better than the telescoping toys; Overall score 2 out of 5