Download: DCUO official CW Reverse Flash Style + Zoom



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CW style - Head partial cross you can start off with that when you create hero. or villain or later on go to the hall of doom or watchtower and in the war room and buy it there at the vendors.

Face: Oan tech either buy it at the broker or constantly play the coast city duo to get it.

Chest: daring vigilante either buy it at the vendors or roam around and get a promethium lockbox and maybe get it.

Hands: checkmate informant is a pvp style either can get it sometimes at the vault or simply at the vendor meta wing hall of doom or watchtower room with superman Wonder Woman and batman tall statues.

Shoulders: sharpshooter is a media orca rare thing in the vault

Waist: only for villains it's a pve tier 1 located in the magic wing were brother blood is

Legs : retro tech, many ways you can get it. Mainly you can get it doing the amusement mile mission.

Feet: checkmate informant, again pvp located in same rooms as I told you were the hands are

Zoom- head half slimline same thing as I told you with other head

Face - archer face style briefing only in Gotham
Briefing is called Handsome Devil. My advice go on google images type in dcuo handsome devil briefing map and find it

Chest - reverse slimline either start off with it or later on buy it at the war room in the hall of doom or watchtower

Hands - same thing as I told you about head and chest

Waist- reverse,requires tier 3 Lightning strikes DLC and 40 something Marks of victory

Legs- reverse slimline, same thing as I told you before with head, chest, and hands.

Feet- flash boots, 2 ways either buy them at the broker or (requires VILLAINS ONLY) a mission where you are attacking at the old star labs and you fight along side gorilla Grodd vs the flash vs the original flash. The boots MAY drop but don't get your hopes up