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Here is my second 30 Days Natural Transformation Challenge :
My 30 Days Diet plan:

*** UPDATE !!! ==================================================================================================

- After many of you guys said that this is not transformation, it is more of a cut and that I had muscle before, I want to make a slight clarification.

- First of all, YES I have previous experience in the gym (about 5 years). I want to note that this program is not for beginners, because many of the exercises require decent physical endurance, and some of the exercises must be performed correctly and carefully in order to prevent injuries.

- Many of you said that I was just in a phase of bulking before the program. YES and NO.
What I want to say is that YES, I was working out, but since I was playing handball for about 12 years,I got injured in the right shoulder (rotatory cuff syndrome), so before I started the program I was little bit out of shape. I would agree with you that it is rather cutting transformation, but let me explain why I wrote "transformation" in the video title.

- Since, as I said before, I had about 5 years of experience in the gym, I never managed to reach the level to which I clearly see all of my abdominal muscles. (My body loses abdominal fat very hard, at the expense of the arms and shoulders, which almost always are ripped, I guess this is my gene).

-So once I found a program that ideally fits my busy schedule, I decided that this is the way I am going to make this 30 days transformation.

- Without cheating , without quitting. 100% following the program. This was the reason for the title of the video, because until then I'd never have achieved this level of body fat%.(the BF% written in the video is approximately and it is not 100% accurate, since I only eye measure it) For me it was not just a cut, but rather transformation.

- I can guarantee you that the video is 100% real. I have never used steroids in my life! Supplements which I am using are shown in the video (of course they are optional) .
- All images from the video are only during these 30 days. Only the left photo of the thumbnail is three months before the start of the program. I admit I putted it only to draw more viewers attention.

The whole program is 100% real, 100% hard work, 100% real results.
No Excuses!
This is my 30 days natural transformation. The program was made by Craig Capurso and Hard work and Dedication ! Hit and Quit
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