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Tlaloc shares the Vision of Confluence’s RoF/Impact archetype, which is widely considered to be the most versatile and powerful. It lacks the raw damage per shot of a heavy-hitter like The Scholar, but makes up for it by allowing sustained fire that quickly surpasses the former in DPS. These Scouts typically have just enough stability to manage their own recoil, and a fair amount of range and reload speed to make them a decent pick for most PvE engagements.

Overflow and Grenadier are a very synergistic combo. As you’ll have to hold on to your Super if you want to get the most out of Tlaloc, you’re certainly going to want to be able to use the other tools at your disposal. For the Warlock, this means grenades, grenades, and more grenades. And as you drop enemy after enemy with your Tlaloc, you’ll have plenty to go around. Sunsingers with Gift of the Sun can benefit the most from this combination, though proactive Stormcallers and Voidwalkers will be getting rid of their grenades just as soon as they get them back.

…but you might be too busy pumping the trigger to even remember to throw them. It’s very rare that Destiny will allow a single weapon to gain such a massive edge over others in its classes. While it can’t quite match up to something like the Touch of Malice, its drawbacks are limited only to the time in which you’re not using your Super.

The gun is a 4-hit kill (3 headshots, 1 bodyshot), and it can dish out this lethality with the same fire rate as the MIDA Multi-Tool. With the decline of Thorn and The Last Word, Scout Rifles have earned a bit more room to breathe, and Tlaloc gobbles up all of that air with relish.

With that said, Tlaloc is not always going to be your go-to Crucible weapon. It often can take well over three minutes to charge a Super in the Crucible, and depending on your playlist and team, you may feel the need to use it right away. If you’re a player who can’t wait to Radiance, Nova Bomb, or Stormtrance your way to victory, then the Tlaloc is not for you. The edge this Scout Rifle offers is finer, and rewards individual skill above quick points.

It has a beautiful and simple design, including a clean, transparent Omolon sight that leaves your FoV unobstructed. The spare white with blue accents gives Tlaloc an elegant feel, and the sci-fi touches only contribute to the idea that this was a weapon meant for a Warlock. A particularly cool feature is the dual lenses towards the stock of the frame, that appear to focus energy into a refined beam. On top of the cosmetics, the sound of the muted pulse of each projectile leaving the Scout Rifle is very satisfying – especially considering how fast their victims drop.

You know, Bungie might have a thing for Warlocks… While it may start out deceptively average, Tlaloc goes from being a minor nuisance to a major pain once your Super is full. It can dish out damage like no other Scout Rifle in the game, and is a pure force in both PvE and PvP. It’ll do this with stylish flair while steadily feeding you Grenade Energy, and is more than a worthy reward for your Warlock. We fully recommend the Tlaloc in both metagames, and encourage you to try it out!

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