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By LuciaSatalina


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France, 1700s. A young lady is suddenly approached by an old man, promising her a wonderful night in exchange of a certain young man's life....

« Au douzième coup de minuit, le charme sera rompu, et tout redeviendra comme avant. »

❙ Hi there ! I've finally finished the PV. Phew ! Sorry in advance for the incoherences. I tried the best I could to match the song with the universe of Ladybug heh... I hope you like it. Tell me what you think of it, please ! I might consider doing other videos if this one is liked.

I did a little synopsis - but really, you can imagine the story however you want. Most of you have better story ideas than me anyway hehe ! I would be glad to hear some of your ideas.
To build a story that would be to my liking and would match ML's universe, I used different translations from talented people, adding sometimes mine. There are two finals, based on which translation you pick. But I choose the one where the man die. Because I'm a horrible person and I like suffering. lmao.
Oh also I based myself on a PV (of Miku and Kaito) where they live happily ever after BUT HEY THAT'S TOO SIMPLE. Plus I like angst so I changed the ending c:

I just wanted to notify that in the PV, Marinette doesn't know she'll have to kill Chat Noir (nor Adrien). About the clothes, I was inspired by the 1700s french fashion. Also, as you may have seen, Hawk Moth's mask isn't the same as in the show. For him I was inspired by the executioner masks (1700s).

Well I guess I've said everythinggg. I really hope you'll like it. I cried doing it. ANYWAY Thank you for watching !!
(and sorry for any english mistakes argh)

CREDITS ★━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━★

Video & Art : LuciaSatalina (me)
Music : Signal-P (シグナルP) / Original Lyrics: Orange
Singers : Hanatan & Pokota (
Translation : TBOE and Zoozbuh, SirHamnet (ham), me
Based on this PV :

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