Download: Super Banjo-Kazooie 64 - Alpha version (SM64 hack)



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Update: Beta is ready for download:

This is Super Banjo-Kazooie 64, project (working title) "Croctus". This video shows you the Alpha version.

In this big Super Mario 64 hack you can play in ALL levels of Banjo-Kazooie. :)
The Alpha version contains basically all levels excep Click Clock Wood (please see down for the poll). The Alpha version contains already 2 stars. In the public Beta every level contains around 2 stars.
The levels in the video:
0:15 Clanker's Cavern
1:08 Spiral Mountain
2:18 Treasure Trove Cove
3:35 Mumbo's Mountain
5:04 Bubblegloop Swamp
6:36 Freezeezy Peak
7:53 Gobi's Valley
9:07 Mad Monster Mansion
10:43 Rusty Bucket Bay

Until the upcoming public Beta Version of this hack I will change something. For example I will replace all painting-textures, add few stars, giving some textures properties like hurting mario and more.
The Beta of this hack will be free to download. :)
In the Beta I will add one, two or three levels of Click Clock Wood. Maybe I add only 1 or 2, so please vote here at the poll for your favorite:

Please feel free to comment here :)
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