Download: All Yugioh Censored Cards

By XrosM


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Note: Most of these cards were censored by 4Kids.
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(This video is free to use but don't forget to credit us.)
(Some cards are not included in the video because they were released or made after this video was created.)

How's it going guys, This is XrosM a.k.a. Dragoon1331 and that's the third time that YouTube has kicked me out for no specific reason, I lost all of my videos, subs, views, and even my thumbnails, but that doesn't mean I will give up, WE will make this channel big and nothing will stop us, it might be a long journey, but a thousand miles journey begins with a single step, one sub is always one step closer, Thanks Everyone!


Note: Some cards may not be in this video due to the fact that they were released after this video was made.

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