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A briefing by Stuart Scott (contact him at, click Sign-up, leave message with return email), Deputy Director General of IESCO and Founder of the United Planet Faith & Science Initiative. This briefing was delivered at COP20 on 12-11-2014 in Lima, Peru. It is well worth your time to watch, and you are encouraged to share the link widely via social media, email, etc. Stuart is available for briefings anywhere in the world.

The first half is about potentially catastrophic warming in the Arctic and the multi-gigaton methane release under way. The second half goes into more detail about our unsustainable economic system and how it is destroying the habitability of the planet for ourselves and all species.

"As the world focuses more intently on the threat of abrupt and possibly ‘runaway’ climate change, greenhouse gases are still the officially recognized cause. Going further, many people indict the fossil fuel industry, whose products provide the energy to run a constantly growing global economy. While the common wisdom remains that ‘growth is good’ and thus 'exponential growth is excellent', we have reached a point in the human project on Earth where that fundamental belief must be called into question. This briefing will cite the evidence for the commencement of runaway climate change, which many scientists assert forms an existential threat to human civilization. It will identify with clarity the secret hiding in plain sight, that it is the global devotion to exponential economic growth that is causing the radical destabilization of the climate system. It will conclude with the assertion that the current global economic paradigm must change to avert the collapse of civilization. A revolution is not required, but an evolution is mandatory."

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About Stuart Scott:
Stuart Scott is the Deputy Director General of the International Ecological Safety Collaborative Organization (IESCO). He is an international educator, public speaker, advisor, and strategist on Climate Change, sustainability and ecological safety. Previous experience includes associate of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, participant at UN Climate Negotiations, formerly Chief Ecological Officer of NagaCorp, Ltd., Hong Kong, and first environmentalist stockbroker on Wall Street in 1977. He was also the founder of an information technology consultancy to New York City’s major banks and university instructor in Mathematics, Statistics and Critical Thinking.

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