Download: 6.2.0 Reins of The Grey Riding Camel Technique Guide WoW

By SerroDan


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This video is all about getting the reins of the grey riding camel. This mount drops from, Dormus The Camel-Hoarder.

But to get to this being of pure beauty you have to find some magical camels that will transport you to him. These camels are scattered all across Uldum and are no bigger than a critter!


Simply click the camel to find out which one you have. (You can do this mounted too).

Macro for mouse over event:


/run local A,B,C=CreateFrame("frame",UIParent);B="0";A:SetScript("OnUpdate",function() local D=GameTooltipTextLeft1:GetText(); if(D=="Mysterious Camel Figurine" and B=="0") then print(date(),D,"Found"); PlaySoundKitID(9378); if not C then B=0;end end end)


!!! MAKE sure the macro is exactly how you read it here!!! copying from youtube adds hyphens for some odd reason.. one will be found in "UIParent" and on will be found in "OnUpdate" !!!

A good Add On to have for this is: NPC Scan Overlay.
This puts markers on your map to show locations of where rares can be found.

Was you able to find the 5 hidden camels in the video???