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Transformers and Angry Birds are two very popular children's themes. But sometimes the toy kingdom produces strange toys which try to marry app gaming play to a real physical toy playset. Nearly every time these cross over toys are awkward Vs the amazing app games which are also part of the toys Telepod gaming features. I show the Angry Birds Telepods Pig Rock Raceway (which is a toy I did not review because of limited playability and poor design) and Angry Birds Transformers Optimus Prime Bird Raceway, which is a little better in play and design compared to the Angry Birds Go playset. Apart from often being small toys the playsets tend to have very limited cross playability with the most common toy cars like Hot Wheels. If the playsets had a race track which was only a little bit wider Hot Wheels could also play out. Kids love to have toys which cam play with each other.
The toy industry knows that app style of games are really eroding the desire for real physical toys, but unless the cross over toys are amazing and play out with other toys children will always see the ipad app game as the most fun to play with. Because I have a 5 year old boy I can see how amazing the app games are and how the game feeds you to buy to buy more toys so you have more characters to play with. But so often once these characters are unlocked inside the Telepod game the toy becomes almost redundant. And by having playsets which are lacking in wow does not help. My saying is the amazing toys will make for me amazing videos, I would struggle to do this with the Angry Birds Go Pig Raceway, it was a very frustrating toy because of it would easily fall apart while being played with. I had to use blue tac to keep parts of the track attached to the playset. Hopefully you will see why some toys do mot become toy reviews on my youtube channel, I try to stick to amazing toys which present real value for money.

I do unbox and show some more of the Angry Bird Transformers characters which are in battle packs. Sentinel Prime Bird Vs Decepthog Bludgeon and Ultra Magnus Bird Vs SoundBlaster Pig. I can now see many of these Angry Birds Transformers toys are basically repaints of other models.

Here is my review of the Angry Birds Transformers playset.
Angry Birds Transformers Optimus Prime Bird Raceway Telepods Gaming Toy Review

Angry Birds Go! is a kart racing free-to-play game and is the eighth game in the Angry Birds video game series. The game was co-developed by Rovio Entertainment and Exient Entertainment, sponsored by Red Bull's mobile games and was released on December 11, 2013. The game is compatible with Hasbro Telepods that will allow the player to summon a specific kart via a purchased toy. The game's tracks are located on the 3D-rendered Piggy Island. The game also features upgradeable karts and unique powers for each character. As of November 2014, Go! has been downloaded over 100 million times and team multiplayer was added. Obviously it's a very popular app game!

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*NOTE: Angry Birds Transformers is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available.