Download: Blade and Soul Guide - Kung Fu Master PvP Combos

By Shiro


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Basic to Advanced PvP Combos (mostly ani cancel) for KFM, slow motion is also shown after most combos so you can see better. You will need the following skill points set to be able to do most of these combos:

3 points in Cyclone Kick (F) - Middle Branch
3 points in Leg Sweep (3) - Right Branch (Shin Kick)
3 points Searing Palm (X) - Right Branch
4 points Rising Dragon (Z) - Right Branch
1 point Tremor / Landslide (V)

For a detailed PvP build guide check this video

Not all Searing Palm combinations are described because it can be used in so many ways, just think of the 5 hits required to stun opponent after Searing Palm and you can do many tricks, for example:

[2 sec CC hit] - 3 LB F X (Searing Palm) - [2 sec CC hit] - 3 LB F 3 (stun from Searing Palm) - LB F 3 LB F 3 LB RB (air launch)

For some more tips and tricks in PvP check this video

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