Download: Yellowstone Sasquatch stalk Bisons 2017 Sasquatch Yellowstone Bigfoot hunt Buffalos at Yellowstone

By Yetimania


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Yellowstone Sasquatch family stalks Bisons 2017 Yellowstone. Sasquatch hunt Buffalos on webcam Sasquatch family stalks Bisons at Yellowstone. Sasquatch Yellowstone hunt Buffalos 2017

Yellowstone National Park, Colorado. US. 12/29/2014.
Old Faithful Webcam:

At the beginning, 2 individuals appear at the 0:28 minute, bordering the upper line of trees at superhuman passage velocities (+ 10km / h), two others join the group at 1:20 in the clearing on the right. Once the group passes the last tree three of them are stacked expectantly, in what seems like a hunting strategy that denotes a marked social feature of Sasquatch.

All the individuals stand out for their massive corpulence and height, especially the last one that would reach a conservative figure of 2.50 meters, so that we have a small idea of ​​its dimensions we must compare its height with the one of these adult bison, that exceed the 2.00 meters if We take as a reference his hump, the height of these Yetis would be far from any human being, estimating the minimum of the first one in about 2.30mts, a reason that allows us to authenticate the video and therefore to verify without a shadow of doubt that we are contemplating a family of Sasquatchs in full hunting scene.

The first BigFoot walks strangely, apparently the least corpulent and therefore younger sasquatch, the gait seems to be affected by its smaller weight, perhaps a change in the density of the snow predisposes the way in which its Feet interact with the ground, may also be due to hurrying the pace leaving behind the rest of fellows, another rarity is the right arm that does not swing as the left. He seems to be grabbing something against his chest, perhaps a rock waiting to be thrown against the body of his prey.

We must therefore conclude that the video is 100% real after noticing it is coming from the Official Webcam of Yellowstone Park. And that the proportions of all the actors disregard they as human beings... The advanced Canon webcam of the park on the other hand is periodically reset to focus the perspective in the famous Old Faithful geiser, as consecuence the full sequence of this hunt could not be obtained.

Bigfoot is archaeologically recognizable as Gigantopithecus blacki, its fossil remains are as recent as 100,000 years ago, so putting it to the right extent, Bigfoot would have coexisted with Homo Sapiens for at least 50,000 years.

The reasons for its supposed extinction are quite obvious, since the loss of fossil record coincides perfectly with the hotter phase of the Quaternary, understanding that the retreat of fauna and flora associated with glacial climatology had a great impact on the population levels of this distant relative of the human being. From there to categorically affirm its average extinction there´s a great leap to me filled.

To date, there is not a single scientific proof supporting its extinction... something that would seem illogical because it was at the top of the food chain, there being no reason to explain why a being whose fossil record dates back to +7 million of years suddenly vanishes by an insignificant climate change of + 2 ° C compared to the current average temperatures, nothing comparable to all what has suffered throughout its existence, with temperature variations between + 6 ° C and -10 ° C compared to the current average. Understanding that there would be no known predator, Giganto is certainly the only one (predator) that, due to its characteristics, can explain the extinction of Sapiens' remaining contemporaneous hominids, remaining as the great competitor for existing resources, until the joint extinction of the great mammals of the Pleistocene.

The coexistence of +50,000 years between Giganto and Sapiens that doubtless has been solved with numerous conflicts before the food shortage, having evidenced Sapiens its superior intelligence and technical dominion to banish Giganto to the ostracism, avoiding any kind of contact as a matter of fact, depending of that its survival as a species.

Summoning, logic indicates that it would had to survive in regions with cold climatology; let's see then, which are the ones that currently maintain this climate:

* Cold Continental Climate: North and Northeast Europe, South and Central Siberian, Canada, and Alaska.
* Mountain climate: mountainous areas of more than 3500 msnm near the equator, up to 1000 msnm in cold regions.

Curious and exactly where 99% of the sightings of the legendary take place?

Yeti, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Snowmen, Coco, Cuatlacas, ManWolf, Lobizon, Lobishome, Snowman, all human cultures do not stop giving denominations for this being that, in an inbred way, has survived in our collective imagination (folklore) from prehistory to our times.

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