Download: Lakshmi Manchu wet in saree in Gundello Godari

By Wet Sari


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Gundello Godari has a few wet scenes, but the one near the end with Lakshmi Manchu trying desperately to get her saviour to the hospital in a rickshaw through the driving rain takes the cake. She is wearing a non-cotton olive green saree, an everyday black cotton blouse, and a black longskirt with red floral patterns. When the rain soaks her from head to toe, the saree darkens somewhat, while the blouse sticks to her body and shines from the shooting lights.

The previous scene of Manchu wheeling the rickshaw into the hospital premises was shot from a wide angle, and thus had the freedom of showing the rain pelting down on the hapless protagonist. This scene however, shot from a much closer distance, would not have worked with a full-blown downpour. It is apparent that, although she looks to be getting soaked further in the rain here, the sprinklers are actually off here. The water sluicing down Manchu's hair, braid, blouse, back, and saree are that of a person having just come in from the rain, and not actually standing in it. The sodden pallu wraps around Manchu and clings to her, while the blouse both shines and shapes itself to Mandhu's well toned body. All in all, a beautiful example of a just-drenched shot in a very non-sensual context.

Needless to say, I do not own this video. Interestingly enough, the person who might actually own the video is the lady getting wet herself, Lakshmi Manchu, the producer of the movie. I do hope she does not mind.