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By Kael S


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The title : The Splendid Second Torpedo Squadron! By Jintsuu,Sendai, and Naka

This is the remix version
Original Song :
Illustration : Kisetsu |

Lyrics :

I illuminate the path I walk
And cleave open the darkness of the night

To defend
Everything I hold dear

Run faster than anyone
Free these emotions

I hid this heart in darkness
Pretending to be scared

Gaze at my stage with that sight of yours

Gather these feelings
Expose this body
Light the way
Break free!

The colours of these flowers
Will fade away in vain
But as long as I have tomorrow (hope)

I will sprint through
Until a time where you are
And escape this night

Thinking back on kinder days
Each time we exchange words it becomes deeper
More than the meaning of these battles
I’m sure something more dear

The fire flowers like feelings
Before you stand on stage

If you’re ready
Then let the war begin
And dive into the fray
I won’t lose my way

The lives of these flowers inch towards death
Becoming battling tiger lilies
I won’t look back

Slice through the darkness of the night
So that there is peace
Where I hope to be

Because it is nothing more than a sad day’s dream
For the me of yesterday
Like the petals that dance in the wind

The colours of these flowers
Will fade away in vain
But as long as I have tomorrow (hope)

By your side where you are
If I can one day carve the same time

The form of these flowers starts to change
One day being reborn in a different body

I want to protect the gentle wind
Blooming, scattering and blooming
Towards a distant time