Download: [3DS] How To Get Private Headers Using Powersaves 3DS

By Flare Games


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In this video, I'll be showing you how to get private headers from your game cartridges using Powersaves 3DS. It's pretty simple if you have all the required materials. Once you find the headers, they can be used with Gateway and Sky3DS to avoid bans from online play. Nintendo started cracking down on piracy, but we beat them again :P

1) Powersaves 3DS or Powersaves 3DS Pro
2) Game cartridge to get the header from
3) Computer with HxD Hex editor & Powersaves 3DS software.

This is a noob friendly tutorial, step by step. Original tutorial by LameNobody @GBAtemp.
(Pre-Setup): Download HxD
(Pre-Setup): Download & install the Powersaves 3DS software.
1) Put your game cartridge into your Powersaves 3DS.
2) Plug the Powersaves 3DS hardware into one of the USB ports on your computer.
3) Go to C:\Users\{USERNAME}\Powersaves3DS\ and move all the '.bin' files to another location (You must move them, not simply copy).
4) Make a backup on the Powersaves software. Name it something easily recognizable, but unique, because you'll have to find it later in a hex editor.
5) Close Powersaves 3DS software.
6) Open Powersaves 3DS software (Don't ignore these steps).
7) Minimize the Powersaves 3DS window.
8) Open HxD Hex Editor.
9) At the toolbar at the top, go to "Extras -- Open RAM..." and choose the "Powersaves3DS.exe" application.
10) Press 'CTRL + F' on your keyboard
11) Type the name of your backup (For example, mine was called 'HeaderFile')
12) Look for '00 00 00 88' in the hex values.
13) Everything after that until 'FF FF FF FF' is your private header!
14) Copy the bytes in between '00 00 00 88' and 'FF FF FF FF' and save them to a .txt file.
15) Done! You've successfully found your game cartridge's private header.

Powersaves 3DS software:

Thanks for watching! I hope this helped. You can use these on Gateway or Sky3DS cards to avoid getting banned from online play. Leave a like if this tutorial helped. Don't forget to subscribe, too ;)