Download: ANTI.DLL VS SONIC.EXE - Rival Fight Preview



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Since everyone is asking for the Live & Learn Remix:

Thanks to haloarbiter117 for Sonic.EXE's little "speech" in the hub-world.
Credits to UltimateDarkman and Nibroc.Rock for the Sonic Boom model/animations and such.
Music remixers and such goes to the makers. (if I would list all of it would make a huge mess, I'll be sure to try credit them in the release).

READ if you want useless information... and maybe some useful stuff.

I just show off the Sonic.EXE Rival Fight in my ANTI.DLL Generations Mod, I'm very pleased how it turned out.
There's more stuff to be done but this is for now.

This mod will be kind of a "side" project beside Windows Generations and Spider-Hog Generations (I feel overwhelmed with all these mods and then all those darn ROM hacks).
Why the Sonic Boom model? Because... em SPORTS TAPE. No, but I really like his look and I wanted him to stand out a little more (we say Sonic.EXE went shopping some new stuff and got a haircut, lol).

Anyone that don't know what ANTI.DLL is, I guess you can say it's my own interpretation of a good version of Sonic.EXE, it's obviously inspired by the Anti-Sonic.DLL creepypasta. I guess you can say he's insane but still does stuff for the good cause... I'm not going to ramble too much because then I will turn this into a fan-fiction instead of a description.

Otherwise this mod is pretty unfinished, as I need to fix Anti's textures (mostly Classic), but it's one of my favourite ones that I'm working on.

Enjoy and don't let Sonic.EXE strangle you in your sleep with his scarf :].

(I need to learn to keep descriptions organized, sheesh).