Download: Belly button discharge - Belly button marble removal after 3 days

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Belly button discharge - Belly button marble removal after 3 days

The belly button can easily become infected by Candida, or other fungi - it is just the sort of warm, moist crevice that fungi like. If you have a fungal infection the belly button will look red, and the redness may extend to the surrounding skin for a few millimetres. It may be itchy.

Bacteria may also infect the belly button, often taking advantage of the damage already done by the fungi. This leads to scabbing and a yellowish discharge.

Redness may not be an infection at all - it may be caused by psoriasis, a skin disorder. On the arms and legs psoriasis causes scaly patches, but in moist areas like the belly button there is no scaliness - it just looks red and shiny. Usually, but not always, you will have psoriasis somewhere else on your body.

An American researcher has investigated the tendency of male belly buttons to fill with fluff from clothing. He found that hair on the abdomen tends to collect fibres from clothing (especially soft clothing such as T-shirts). Abdominal hair often seems to grow in concentric circles around the belly button, so the fluff becomes directed into the belly button. To prove this, the researcher shaved his belly and found no more fluff was deposited in his belly button until the hair grew back. He concluded that this belly-button fluff helps to keep the belly button clean and dry.

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