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Animated Music Video Parody of "Shadows Of Evil"

Video Game Musicals #34: SHADOWS OF EVIL THE MUSICAL

They've all been cursed to an eternity of fighting and dancing with zombies, three-headed giants and more...


Lyrics, Vocals, Animation & Instrumentation by lhugueny (Logan Hugueny-Clark:
Jessica voiced by Sabine Hugueny.

"Shadows Of Evil The Musical": A parody song about Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies by Logan Hugueny-Clark (aka LHUGUENY)


We were all criminals in our own right,
Someone drugged our drinks out at Burlesque night.
Our Sins served as an invitation,
To an evil beyond imagination.
Fragments of a bigger universe,
Now it seems that we have all been cursed.
Morg city will never be the same,
Now it's stocked full of zombies that are craving brains.

VERSE 1 (Vincent)
I was a cop, I was corrupt, like bacon in a can,
Smokin' ciggies in dark alleys where I also killed a man.
It really grinds my gears, when the mayor makes allegations,
Of corruption in the force, refuse to face incarceration.

VERSE 2 (Floyd)
I ain't fought in 18 months, stepping' out last minute,
Leave nothin' to chance, brass knuckles makin' sure I'll win it.
Didn't give a damn, now I gotta pay the price,
Punchin' zombies with my fist pack, with a sword I'll slice.
One boxer in a ring aint nothin' compared to,
A three headed giant swayin' tentacles right through,
Our defensive line made up of sprayin' lead,
We will never back down 'til we blow each growlin' head.


VERSE 3 (Jessica)
Layin' down pipe like a regular harlot.
Stabbin' in the sack, destroy the pictures and my fears,
Of my pornographic past that could ruin my career.

VERSE 4 (Nero)
Nero's the name , I used to do all kinds of tricks,
Now chew gum all day, as I'm blasting' zombie pricks.
I'm a widower, still wear this ring on my left hand,
But it wasn't zombies that killed her, really hope you'll understand.
I got really drunk, as my wife built up our debt,
So I bought her life insurance then I knifed her in the head.
They call me magic man, I'm a master of illusion,
Now the joke's on me, as I woke up in confusion.



(c) 2011, 2015 LHC