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My 68 Video Series on Tithing

1. An introduction to my Tithing series
2. Multiple Tithes
3. Was the Tithe paid net or gross?
4. Was the Tithe food or Money?
5. Grace or Law
6. Cartoon: Did Jesus Tithe?
7. Comedy Cartoon: The Pastor's salary
8. Comedy Cartoon: Is the Tithe also your Firstfruits
9. Answering Genesis 14:20 and Melchizedek
10. Answering Malachi 3:10
11. Answering Galatians 6:6
12. Answering Amos 4:4
13. Answering Matthew 23:23
14. Owning Property re: Numbers 18:20
15. The Symbolism of the Tithe
16. Cartoon: Jacob's vow at Genesis 28:20
17. The Jerusalem Council
18. Will I be blessed if I Tithe?
19. Comedy Cartoon: Levirate Marriage
20. Answering Proverbs 3:9-10
21. Answering 1st Timothy 5:17
22. The Rich young Ruler
23. The Tithing Principle
24. Tithing See-Saw
25. Answering 2nd Corinthians 9:7
26. Answering 1st Corinthians 9:13-14
27. How to deal with Bullying Pastors
28. Answering 2nd Thessalonians 3:10
29. Comedy Song: Pimping Preachers Rap
30. Comedy: Top 10 Funniest Tithing Songs
31. Comedy: Top 10 Funniest Tithing Cartoons
32. Comedy: Slash's Song: Mr Tither
33. Comedy Song: Pay your Tithes
34. Comedy Song: The Evil Zeppelin Song
35. Comedy: The Buck Dancing Preachers
36. Comedy: Song: The Benny Hinn Heresy Pap
37. The Top 30 best arguments against Tithing
38. Comedy: The Kenneth Copeland heresy rap
39. Comedy Song: Horrible healing man
40. Comedy Song: The Paul Crouch heresy rap
41. Comedy Song: The Robert Tilton heresy rap
42. Comedy Song: The Kenneth Hagan heresy rap
43. Comedy Song: Don't pay a Tithe
44. Comedy Song: The Laughing Pastor
45. Comedy Song: The Bad Faith Teacher's Rap
46. Is the Tithe is the Covenant Connector?
47. Comedy Song: Freddie Mercury sings: Their Chasing Men
48. Answering 3rd John 2 (The Prosperity Gospel)
49. Answering Exodus 34:20
50. Using Hermeneutics to refute Tithing
51. Answering John 14:14
52. Answering Mark 10:30
53. The Office of the Evangelical Pastor
54. Answering Matthew 5:17
55. Is the tithe the Pastors Inheritance? Acts 20:32
56. Answering Hebrews 13:3 (Feeding Prisoners)
57. Answering 1st Corinthians 16:2
58. "One-Man-Band" Pastors, gays and tithes
59. Creflo Dollar's latest Tithing Scam.
60. Comedy song: 'Tithing is Lovely'
61. The lesson from training Elephants
62. Comedy Song: Eddie Long's duet with Freddie Mercury!
63. Answering Psalm 35:27 (The Prosperity Gospel)
64. Comedy Song: The Rolling Stones sing: 'Black Preacher'
65. The Scam of Pastors claiming to Tithe at 90%
66. My Video debate with Pastor Ace on Tithing
67. My 2 hour debate audio debate on tithing
68. A Summary of my entire series on Tithing

I ask people to download my videos and then download my videos to your channel or to any other social media sites. None of my videos are copyright, I strongly encourage their free distribution. Also this is the only way in which a poor person such as myself can counter the rich TV preachers, their expensive lawyers and millions of dollars. I am also DESPERATE to debate another tither on youtube. We don't have to meet, but we could just agree to post an agreed number of brief videos alternately to youtube on the topic of tithing. Will any tither accept my challenge?