Download: Ev!l Jelsa ~ Illuminated (Dedication/Contest Entry)

By Lali Tomlinson


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I feel like i did horrible in the beginning but in the end i feel good about it :D


Jack Frost was cursed with Evilness along with his other friends, Hiccup, Flynn, Merida, and Rapunzel. Hiccup was his best friend. Jack didnt like being evil, he doesnt like fighting, he doesnt like killing like the rest of his friends do. He tries so hard finding a way to break his curse and still havnt found a salvation. In Arendell, there lived a King named Hans and A queen named Elsa. They were married by an arrange marriage so she never loved Hans. Hans planned to go to the "Evil Guardian" 's hideout and kill them once and for all before anyone else gets hurt. Elsa disagreed because she belives that they were Humans trapped in a curse. Hans and his guards went after them and Elsa followed along.
At the "Evil Guardian's Place" The guardians hear the guards coming and prepare to fight. Jack was afraid and didnt want to. The Fight began and Jack saw His friends get murder so he hid from the guardians. Rapunzel,Merida,and Flynn get murdered but Hiccup was still alive. Hiccup lets out a huge blast that causes elsa to hit the floor and pass out. The guards left leaving Elsa behind. Jack who was hiding saw elsa and went towards her. He felt something about her. He took her with him to Hiccup's and his hideout. Elsa wakes up and screams because she sees Evil hiccup and evil jack. She thought they were gunna kill her so she kept screaming while Jack tried calming her down. Jack said he wasnt going to hurt her because he feels its wrong to hurt people and he hates it. He told her about his curse and how hiccup is the same. Elsa knew what she believed and she was right. he wasn't a moster. he was just made to be one. Suddenly, The guards return again. Hiccup runs outside and fights some while Jack fights two of them that got in. . During the fight, jack sees a arrow being aimed at Elsa and then it fired. Jack ran in front of her and Got impaled my the arrow. Elsa screams as Jack falls to the ground slowy dying. Before Jack dies, He grabs Elsa's Hand. Elsa felt a spark coming from their hands and saw red dust come from jack and to elsa. They trade powers. Elsa receives Jack's Evil powers,and Jack slowy becomes human. Evil Elsa fights off the guards and kills her own sister and her husband. while Hiccup, Sets fire everywhere outside killing 4 guards. In the end, Hiccup and Elsa beated everyone. Elsa breaks down, seeing all she has done. She hears a groan come from Jack's body and goes to it. Jack opens his eyes and Elsa is welcomed with His sparkling blue eyes and his heart beating.


This video is dedicated to the one and only: ETSUKO FROST!!!! Thank you for being a really amazing yt friend :) i love having conversations with you espically the ones of roleplaying xD ahaha i still read them over every single day! You are a really amazing editor and i know you dont see your work beautiful but i do and its just me that see your increddible work! You are super funny espically with Pitch's dancing xD oh dear ahaha. any who i hope you enjoy this since you are my evil guardian xD this will be my last video for this week so far because i am very busy with school and i recently am trying out for cheer so yeah :)


This is also my contest entry for Arisa Yoshida xD i was really happy when so many amazing editors joined ! and ive seen all the entries for round one and they all were increddible!


Song: Illuminated
Artist: Hurt
Movies: ROTG,Tangled,Brave,HTTYD2, Frozen.
Masking: oh dear i used so many i cant remeber them all. sorry if i forgot some of the masking creators.

FrozenxFairytale, Moon Shadow, Mine, Dreamcatcher, The nameless doll.


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