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By Thug Lyfe Gaming


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Need some Destiny Pro Tips and Tricks to help you in Multiplayer? This video runs through a great destiny strategy guide for beginners and pros as I explain my Top 6 Destiny Pro Tips Tutorial. By the end of this Destiny Strategy Walkthrough, you should be able to hop online and raise that K/D. Here are the Destiny Top 6 Pro Tips for Multiplayer:

Tip 6 (ATG Shot) - When confronted with an enemy player in Destiny's online multiplayer, crouch during your firefight. Crouching gives you 3 advantages over your opponent. It shortens your hit box. It makes it harder for your opponent to aim at you because he has to fight the recoil of his weapon and crouching increases the stability of your weapon. This will cause it to "kick" less.

Tip 5 (Blade Dance Survival) - The most common time that Hunters in Destiny get killed is while closing the distance between you and your opponent. So I have two strategies to help you with that. First, use your "Razer's Edage" ability to kill enemies from a distance. Second, travel faster by jumping up, then melee. This will cause your character to lunge forward with a blade swing.

Tip 4 (Fish Hook) - To utilize this Destiny Pro Tip for Multiplayer, all you have to do is use the Heavy Ammo Drops as bait to kill opponents attempting to get it during a multiplayer match.

Tip 3 (First To Crouch) - Bungie Studios has made an attempt to prevent camping by revealing you on the enemies radar about every 5 to 10 seconds while your crouched. However, you can still use it to your advantage by being the FIRST TO CROUCH when noticing an enemy on your motion sensor radar. This will allow you to have an advantage with the element of surprise.

Tip 2 (Collect Orbs) - Many players don't know when or even how to collect orbs of light in multiplayer so this pro tip should be of help. Your teammates actually drop orbs of light when they rack up kills with their special ability. So all you have to do is stick near them, collect the orbs, and go HAM with yours.

Tip 1 (Heavy Ammo Spawn Times) - Although a little tricky, there are Heavy Ammo Spawn Times in Destiny's online multiplayer. The smaller maps will start you out with a 12:00 time limit and the first heavy ammo spawn will occur at 9:00. Following that they will continue to spawn about every 3:15 (give or take 15 seconds). On the big maps, you will start the multiplayer match with a 15:00 time limit. The first heavy ammo spawn drop will occur at 13:00 and then will spawn every 2:15 (give or take 15 seconds).

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