Download: The Arduino Mega 2560 as Signal Source for the Bedini Circuit

By TheOldScientist


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I am proud to announce the 4th part of the solid state battery charger series. In this series, the Arduino mega 2560 will provide the pulse frequency for 8 ports individually. We discovered in the previous video that two signals make a difference to break the current restriction of the isolation transformer. With now 8 signals at the same frequency you will witness a true transformation, excelling the back EMF charging of a battery into a extreme power efficient way and reaching a three digit COP compared to the standard battery charger. In the upcoming video I will harness energy from unused ports and will with the use of special core material harness this energy to drive the charger. The phenomenon of the back EMF behavior paired with negative resistance current behavior will be subject of a special video edition called “Negative resistance in electrochemical systems”. This does highlight only one deficiency of the isolation transformer which we can solve. There are still many more left which when solved will provide a system never explained in so much detail and simple to replicate by anybody to build.