Download: 1- Milkovic Two Stage Oscillator Pendulum - Overview of the machine

By Luiz Fellipe Salomon


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Even tough claimed as an overunity machine, this machine shows that, unfortunately, laws of physics still applies very well to this machine.
Potential energy of the pendulum is, indeed, transferred to the load mass, but with a common terrestrial loss, as with all other machines that exist. As a result, more energy is needed to restore the height of the pendulum.
The difference in my machine is that it does not use the same load mass accelerated with gravity to push the springs and use the restoring force to push the lever back up again, as the ones used by Mr. Milkovic.
This load mass is taken out of the equation when the lever reaches it's highest point. This was the only way I thought of measuring effectively the potential energy that the pendulum actually transfers into energy.
It seems, and, unfortunately, only seems that the work you do is less than the output work that the system does.
I can compare this system with a lever chain hoist: at the end you raised 2 tons with a little effort.