Download: Andrea y Samuel Cap.109

By Trooper Eagle


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Escenas De #SamDrea~ Samuel cada día esta mas loco por Andrea. *English Translation* On the video chat Sam tells Andrea "if we don't owe each other anything else why did you send me that note?" Andrea says "you still owe me" Sam says "tell me what it is that I owe you" Andrea says "well then you better get a pen and paper" Samuel says "I have a good memory now tell me what is it that I owe you?" Andrea starts by saying "first off" and gets interrupted by Irina so she closes the laptop. Irina tells Andrea if she can sleep with her that she needs to talk to her and Andrea looks at the laptop upset that she didn't get to talk more with Sam. Sam thinks to himself "what's happening to me with the witch?" Arturo tells his brothers and Soledad that they're going to celebrate Arturito's baptism there in the Alcazar ranch so they get happy Arturo tells Sam that he is going to be the godfather Samuel gets super excited and Arturo tells him that he needs to behave that Andrea will be the godmother Samuel says "that's okay I'll dome that taming" "just for my nephew" Sofia tells Andrea that she's going to be the godmother Andrea thanks her. Nieves tells Andrea that she just got a letter Andrea excuses herself and goes to her room when she's there she gets excited opens the letter it's reads "Dear Miss Andrea Del Junco we want to inform you that we raised the money for your cause" signed Samuel Gallardo Leon President. Andrea gets super excited she says "first the video chat, the dress omg could it be that he really is into me?" Irina and Sofia walk into Andrea's room and ask her who sent her the letter and that if it's a love letter that who's the guy that if she's in love they should know from who. Andrea says "you guys are crazy it's just a letter about my cause" Andrea says "anyway Sofia who from the Gallardo brothers is going to be the godfather?" Sofia says "well the only one who hasn't had problems with mom that would be Samuel" Andrea smiles Irina says "well he hasn't had problems with mom but with miss here with Andrea yes. "Omg imagine if they start fighting at the church I don't even want to imagine" Sofia tells Andrea "Andrea please behave no fighting" Andrea says "I know how to behave I'll be good just for my nephew." Pablo goes to tell the bothers that Cayetana will not be going to the Party maybe just the church Flavio goes to say that she may not even let the daughters attend Samuel says "I can't imagine Andrea here not even forced." Sofia & Irina get surprised to see Andrea looking beautiful for the baptism. At Church Flavio says it's getting late and Arturo says "I wouldn't be surprised if only Sofia and Arturito show up" Sam says "well Andrea should be here she's the godmother but who knows maybe today she woke up bipolar" *Avance* Sam says "I'm crazy for one woman and it's because everyday I understand her less" at the church Sam and Andrea keep staring at each other Flavio tells Sam "do you see those looks Andrea keeps giving you?"