Download: Shadow the Hedgehog in Brief (SoS 2012 Special)

By Frob Man


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Another video of the Sonic in Brief series made for Summer of Sonic 2012! The first of two is based on the game of everybody's favourite black hedgehog, Shadow! What path will he take? Think you can find all the shout outs? You'll never find the pegasus in the video!

Voice cast:

Roger Van Der Weide: GUN Officer
Luke Wholey: GUN Commander
X the Darkone: Shadow
HHog: Sonic
Sassi: Tails
Faulerro: Knuckles
Shadow-Dinosaur: Civilian
Mana Dark magician girl: Amy
CornSiLK: Cream
Rugal: Espio, Charmy, Vector
Frobman: Omega
Kyle Boyle: Eggman

Shadow the Hedgehog is a property of SEGA. This is done as a non-profit parody, no payment made, done for enjoyment. Takashi Iizuka was there, and he didn't object, f'sure!