Download: Castle Crashers Insane Mode Necromancer Solo Fencer. No Potions.

By TheArcadeClassics


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Everythings based on abstract math. It's basically stuff that doesn't exist in real life and can only be proven by a non-real life example, in this case: a video game. In the actual guide, I intentionally chose not to put the numbers in to avoid confusion as the guide itself had enough information already. Plus the stuff in that guide itself is all you need to know. But a couple of people have insisted wanting to know how the strategy was
developed. So here it goes: everything is based on probability and geometry.

I calculated the entire battle in my notebook before I actually played it. What you do is you sum up everything you know about the game, plug it into a non-real life example, and the numbers themselves will tell you exactly how to act and what you want to know. So at the Necromancer I want to know what I need to do in order to get hit the least amount of times throughout the entire battle. So the first thing I need to do is to study the AI pattern.

I'll pretty much just talk about the second wave since it's pretty much the main focus of people's troubles. Knowing there are 11 enemies in the second wave, 8 enemies are neutral characters. The probability that a neutral character is going to hit me is 8/11. Now drawing the chart, you see three lines: the top,middle, and bottom. As you can see from the chart: a single neutral character will pass through the top line 3 times, the middle 6 times, and the bottom 3 times. 3+6+3=12 total points. The probability you'll get hit on the top/bottom line is 3/12 which is 1/4 or 25%. The probability you'll get hit in the center line is 6/12 which is 1/2 or 50%. This is why in the Fencer video, you see me doing the xxyy juggle on the top line to minimize the chances of getting picked off by Brute.

Now there are 11 enemies in the second wave all capable of hitting me from close distances. So the probability of me getting hit by enemies at a close distance is 11/11. But I know that only 5 enemies can do an rtb that will hit me from a far distance. So therefore if I spam magic from a distance, the probability of getting hit is going to be 5/11. Now once all the enemies are surrounding me, I'm once again going to be in that 11/11 hit situation. So now I'm going to run to the opposite side of the screen, to make the probability of getting hit 5/11 again.

There are 3 beefies on the screen. If I'm hovering xyy in the air, there are 3/11 enemies that are capable of picking me off. By eliminating two of them the percentage chance
of getting picked off now becomes 33.3% having eliminated Beefy Barbarian and Beefy Bear (2/3 *100 = 66.66% 100-66.66=33.3%). After killing Alien Hominid and the two beefies, you are left with 8 enemies on the screen (3 lightweights, 2 middleweights, 3 heavyweights). Rather than to spend time juggling a middle weight which would
then leave 7 enemies on the field, I'm going to take out the 3 lightweights with a single juggle leaving me with 5 remaining enemies. The less enemies, the less chance I'll get hit. This is pretty much most of everything.