Download: PWI: Heavenfall Tower Guide

By Terry Tan


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Sorry the quality is so bad. I play on a potato.

Some basics are kind of missing from this guide like getting rewards and stuff like that, because I didn't start recording until AFTER I finished my initial run of the tower.

Extra Notes:
I didn't bother putting in footage of killing the Corrupted Monk. He doesn't do anything else special besides the attack pattern you see him doing in the video.


Normal Rooms:
1:40 - Challenge of the Elements
3:02 - Pilgrim's Protection Circle
4:02 - Challenge of the Protectors
7:08 - Challenge of Energy
8:40 - Challenge of Believers
10:39 - Challenge of the Portal
Boss Types:
1:00 - Zen Ji, Serpent Witch
12:20 - Challenge of Calamity (Avatar of Calamity)
13:57 - High Sage Esher
14:56 - Bodhi of Grief
16:25 - Matreya the Corrupt
18:00 - Four Wraith Kings (Marei Ciah)
21:51 - Corrupted Monk
24:15 - Mara Papman

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