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You should note that Imani means faith in Swahili ^^ I have some various pictures that I've made, and I will be posting them as a video when the movie is done :)


Questions and answers from both the movie and music videos:

Q 1. How do I become a wild horse?
A 1. You can't, you can only adopt them. Once they're in your household then you can play as them.

Q 2. Who's Strider?
A 2. Strider is Spirit's father. He DID exist, there were books called 'Esperanza Spirit of the West' where he and Esperanza were featured :)

Q 3. How do you make it snow? Is there some place in a world that I have missed?
A 3. No, you haven't missed out any part of a world! I made it snow by using a cheat that comes with TS3 Ambitions. It is called the 'Fog Emitter'. The Fog Emitter basically is an buy object that you enter a cheat into to make it cast an effect. The same goes for fire, rain, butterflys, birds, ect. Look up the codes and instructions before asking me, there are far too many.

Q 4. What game is this? And where can I get it?
A 4. The Sims 3 Pets. Read the title. As for getting it, you can buy It from most game shops. Though I've heard that you can download it for free somewhere.

Q 5. How old do you have to be to play TS3?
A 5. Is says on the packaging 12+.

Q 6. Who's Spirit?
A 6. *Facepalm*

Q 7. How did you get Spirit to his exact colour?
A 7. It was a blind guess to be honest!

Q 8. Where is Rain?
A 8. Rain isn't introduced later on in the movie. In this case Part 3-4.

Q 9. How did you get horses? And how did you get so many of them?
A 9. I got horses by buying TS3 Pets on PC, I don't think you can have them on X Box and PS3 though, only cats and dogs. Forgive me if I am incorrect. I had different horses in different time frames, such as 6 brown horses at one time and 6 black horses at another. But the same household and the same horses :)

Q 10. What town/world did you use?
A 10. I used many worlds. Riverview, Appaloosia Plains, Bridgeport, Sunset Valley and some downloaded worlds :) You can get the downloaded worlds and Riverview from TS3 Community.

Q 11. Why is Spirit so skinny?
A 11. At the time, I thought that seriously skinny horses looked cool, now I look back and see how bad they look. So sorry about that.

Q 12. How did you get Spirit as a foal?
A 12. I mated his parents ( or some random two horses) and when he was born 2-3 sim days later, I edited his appearance by entering a code called 'Testingcheatsenabled true'.

Q 13. What breed did you make Spirit and the horses?
A 13. I made them all a Create a Horse breed, then edited them completely.

Q 14. How did you get the horses to lay down?
A 14. I made them scratch their backs.

Q15. Where did you get the soundtracks?
A 15. I got the soundtracks from a CD that you can buy in most CD stores.

Q 16. Will you make a Spirit 2?
A 16. I have already made a trailer and the movie for Spirit 2. I have called it Spirit 2: The Broken Legacy  You can find it on my channel 

Q 17. How did you make them ride the horses bareback?
A 17. I made them level 5 in riding.

Q 18. Will you make Hidalgo or War horse?
A 18. I'm not sure about either, I am unfamiliar with Hidalgo and War Horse I would have to download mods to complete. And I don't install mods, and I won't.

Q 19. Will you put Spirit and Rain on the exchange?
A 19. Yes, if I remember xD.

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Spirit and characters (C) Dreamworks

The music doesn't belong to me.