Download: dRonin - autotune on emax nighthawk pro 280

By Jason Hitesman


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Before anyone gets too excited...dRonin is still very much a work in progress and pre-release. Unless you really know what you're doing and don't mind the chance of a flying blender of doom in your face I can't suggest tracking it down to try yet.

But it's coming and it's sweet :D

Flight controller: Naze (emax "skyline32" NHP all in one board)
Firmware tag: pr/119
Firmware commit: bceeba2
Firmware date: 20151204 05:45 UTC

Vehicle description:
Type: QuadX
Weight (AUW): 580 g
Size: 280
Battery: 3S
Motors: emax 2204 2400kv
ESCs: emax 12a blheli series re-flashed to 14.2 w/damped light and oneshot
Propellers: dal 6x4.5

Emax all in one FC/PDB/ESC board with reflashed ESC's
little windier than last nights test tune

Measured properties:
Gain Bias Noise
Roll: 10.3127 0.00234064 69.8466
Pitch: 9.92701 0.0563624 106.325
Tau: 21.3 ms

Tuning aggressiveness:
Damping: 1.1
Noise sensitivity: 1 %
Natural frequency: 9.5

Computed values:
RateKp RateKi RateKd
Roll: 0.00173577 0.00830327 2.72991e-05
Pitch: 0.00255273 0.0122113 4.01477e-05
Outer Kp: 8.79821 - -
Derivative cutoff: 32