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By HarryMacDowel


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Animation: すねすき (Sunesuki) a.k.a. よっかP (Yokka-P)

Based on ちびミクさん (Chibi Miku-san), a four-panel comic strip series by みなみ (Minami - All of the comics are available in gallery form at Minami's pixiv page ( if you have a pixiv account.

Original title:
ちびミクさん (Chibi Miku-san)

The negi is a type of Welsh onion (or spring onion) grown in Japan. It's Hatsune Miku's "character item," primarily because of its color. So naturally Little Miku is fond of them as well.

Senbei are Japanese crackers made with rice. They come in a variety of flavors.

The animation covers 12 comics, in roughly chronological order: #1, #27, #28, #22, #51, #52, #125, #159, #115, #116, #223, and #265. The final animation before the credits is based on an extra image drawn by Minami.

The "Little Miku" series includes some characters that are not strictly related to Vocaloid software.

Characters based on existing fan creations:
* 重音テト (Kasane Teto): The red-haired girl that eats senbei with Little Miku. She represents a free and somewhat clumsier Vocaloid-like synthesizer program (the kanji in her name mean "heavy/piled-up sound").
* 弱音ハク (Yowane Haku): The white-haired girl who runs the candy shop. Kind of a "failed" Miku, thus the kanji in her name - "weak sound."

"Little Miku" characters:
* ちびミクさん (Little Miku): Little sister to regular Miku. Loves negi and everything related to them.
* ちびネルさん (Little Neru): The yellow-haired girl that eats senbei with Little Miku. An impatient, irritable friend that likes to one-up the other characters. Based on the fan character 亞北ネル (Akita Neru).
* FLちゃん (FL-chan): The green-haired owner of Fancy Shop FL, a trinket shop.
* はも (Hamo): A stray dog.

Video description translation
This is Yokka-P. This time isn't a Vocaloid PV, but because I love the 4-panel manga series "Little Miku" by Minami of Colorful Palette (, I tried animating it.
Yokka-P's works so far:
* Since "Little Miku" is a voiceless manga by nature, if you could hold back from posting dialog in the comments, I would appreciate it......