Download: NBA 2K16 On Ball Defense Tutorial; Defense Wins Chips Series PT 1

By Chris Davis


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As requested defensive settings for the most used teams online. This video is
Jaz vs OKC

Quick notes so you don't have to keep rewinding video
Off Ball: Setting used to show how tight defense will be played on player without ball (Gap for non shooters, Deny for very good shooters)

On Ball Defense: Shows how tight you will play defense on players with ball

Force direction: Which way you want defense to force players with ball. (Middle is to help defense best if you have shot blockers or good defenders, baseline is for if you want to trap player with secondary defender usually not always)

ON Ball screen: How defense will react on pick and roll situations

Hedge: Shows how defense will react to ball handler when screen is called. (Hard hedge is a quick trap to allow defense to limit offensive player, 2nd defender rotates to screener.)

On Ball screen center: Shows how defenders will react when the screener is the center
Hedge Center: Shows how defense will react when Center is at Hedge (I believe not to sure about some settings)

Off Ball Screen: Shows how defense will react to off ball screens. Go Under usually means you are forcing opposition to hit shots, Go over you are forcing defense to drive the basket

Post: How defenders react to post up players

Double team perimeter: DO you want defense to double player on the perimeter (Best for players that are on fire and you want to force ball out of their hands)

Double Team Post: Do you want to double team player in post

Switch rule: Shows if defenders will switch offensive players off of screens

Pre Rotate: Decide if defense will rotate to open man. Use this setting if this player is a great perimeter threat and will more than likely score if left open for to long.

Any questions hit me up!