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10 Ways A Kid Can Make Money -Ways To Make 50,000 A Month With Online
My eight year old is always looking for creative ways to make cash, I'm assuming he got that from me. Either way, he's constantly selling something or trying to earn money by helping out. Just the other day he asked me what else he could do to earn money so I decided to ask our Facebook fans.
{10 Creative Ways Your Kids Can Earn Cash}
"My oldest is 10, we have an agreement that for every A on her report card she earns $5.00 for every B she earns $2.00 for every C she owes me $2.00 and for every D or F she owes me $5.00 it works as a rewards, method as well as a punishment method." -Savannah
"My sixteen year old started sewing about a year ago and now she's making money by making clothes for her siblings and cousins." -Charity
"Collecting cans. Doesn't earn much money but he learns the value of how hard it can be for some people to earn a dollar." -Cindy
"My little ones set up a shaved Ice stand in the driveway during the summer!" -Laura
"My 7 yr old's iPod was stolen. I refused to replace it, but told him he can earn money to replace it. He made & sold homemade cinnamon rolls - so far he's up to $175!!" -Ambrosia
"Walking the neighbors dogs, watering their plants while they are on vacation, and babysitting." -Michelle
"We work hard to eat healthy around the house, but it seems like my daughter is constantly getting candy at school, church, birthday parties, etc. She can keep 5 pieces at a time and then turn in the rest for a nickel or dime each." -Cassie
"My 8 year old daughter has an account at Mother's Helper...a consignment store in Sand Springs that sells kid's clothes and toys and maternity items. They were nice enough to let her have her own account. So, she purges toys, etc. from her room on a regular basis and earns money by dropping them off at the consignment store. It's fun for her to check her balance there, monthly. It's fun for me to see unused things leave my house!" -Glenda
"Chores get done as my boys' part of living in the house with no pay. Then we have a commission system where there is a list of commission jobs that they can do to earn money." -LeAnn
"I give a dime or quarter for the "art" work they let us get rid of. Obviously not the good stuff. But this helps to keep down on our clutter." -April
You guys are so creative! I cannot tell you how many ideas I have tried to turn into a business over the years and all failed except for the one you see now. I'm trying to encourage my kids to do the same, keep the ideas flowing and push through the ones that don't work until you find the one that does!
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